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Excerpt from

Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

The Yahushaic Covenant volume iii
Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb

Rav Sha'ul

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Yahusha’s lineage to the House of Zadok
by Rav Sha'ul


When looking at the genealogy above of Yahusha through Miriam’s mother Hanna, we see Hananeel the Egyptian, the father of the famous Boethus family of seven sons. He was Miriam’s great-great-great grandfather. Hananeel arrived into Jewish history as one of the giants of the priests of the House of Zadok. Hananeel is reputed as one of the High Priests who sacrificed the Red Heifer.

Miriam’s lineage on her father’s side

On the other side of the tree; Miriam’s father (Prince Alexander III Helios) was apparently not as much Hellenized as he was anti-Herodian. It appears that Prince Heli had the same aspirations and hopes for “Israel” as the high priest within the temple at Jerusalem. In the era in which parents chose the husband of their daughters, Heli found favor with the High Priest Yahusha III. High Priest Yahusha III (the great grandfather of The Messiah Yahusha) was the son of Phabi, the founder of the House of Phabit, and the grandson of Boethus. Yahusha III was the Alexandrian Zadokite priest that King Herod in 37 BCE asked to return to Jerusalem in order to restore the Zadokite dynastic reign again over the office of the high priest. Herod’s reasons were more subliminal and sinister, for he eventually plotted to eliminate the Maccabees from holding either royal or priestly offices in Jerusalem and eliminate their presence entirely from Judea. Then Herod had Yahusha III killed.

It appears that either Prince Heli or his father Mattathias ben Levi was approached by the High Priest Yahusha III to marry Hannah to secure the bloodline survival of the Zadok Priestly line by uniting it with the Davidian bloodline. A perfect match to produce MelchiZADOK (Ruling Zadok). It would be from this unique mix of royal bloodlines that the Messiah Yahusha would be born the grandson of Prince Eli and Princess Hannah and the heir to Yahusha III and The House of Zadok.

Prince Heli and Princess Hannah gave birth to Princess Miriam who was born about the year of 20 to 19 BCE. This Jewish maiden, Princess Miriam, was a Davidian Princess on her father’s side, and a Zadokite priest heiress on her mothers. This young maiden was of supreme interest to the priestly elite. She was the granddaughter of the High Priest Yahusha III, who died apparently the year of 23 BCE, by execution, according to some scholars, for sedition against the throne of Herod. From all appearances, Yahusha III the high priest never knew his granddaughter, Miriam, as she was born about three years later in the year of 20 to 19 BCE.

Yahusha a theme among the names of the High Priest of Israel

It must be noted at this point that while many have considered that “Jesus” in Latin (a deliberate mistranslation), “Yeshua” or more accurately “Yahusha” in Aramaic was a unique name in Jewish society; what we do know is that the name Yahusha was a quite frequent name in 1st century Judea. The name is found in the lineages of King David and in the lineage of the high priests of the House of Zadok. Even the name of the Messianic Prototype and successor to Moses, Joshua (Yahusha) was a foreshadowing of "the name of the coming Ruling Zadok "Melchizedek". The name of Yahusha was relatively common as the name of the High Priests of Israel actually. There were a total of five High Priests that were named Yahusha. It seems YHVH was trying to tell us something of the Eternal High Priest who would serve Him.

Prince Mattathias and Princess Alexandra II - The Paternal Grandparents of the Maiden, Miriam the mother of Yahusha

Mary’s father, Heli or Alexander Helios III as he was known in history, was a Prince of David, whose father, Prince Mattan or Mattathias was renown, if for nothing else but his marriages to three notable women in Judea. His 1st wife was Esther of Jerusalem, his 2nd, Rachel of Arimathea, and his 3rd wife was Salome of Jerusalem, an Idumean Herodian princess, who was called “The Proselyte”.

His 1st wife, Esther of Jerusalem, became the mother of Heli ben Mattat or Prince Alexander Helios III (Eli). Eli became the father of Princess Miriam, the mother of Yahusha. Esther of Jerusalem can be identified as the future Maccabee Queen known by her Greek name as Queen Alexandra II, who was the great grandmother of Yahusha.


We have examined the historical and genealogical evidence that Yahusha was not only a Davidian, Maccabee prince, but was the heir to be the real High Priest of Israel from the legitimate lineage of the House of Zadok as he was the second male heir to Yahshau III behind John the Baptist.

In one of the most potent genetic merges in Jewish history, we find that Yahusha ben Yahseph was a genuine genetically eligible Priest-King. He would later be recognized as eligible to be a member of the Order of Melchizedek. Abraham gave the title Melchizedek to the king of Salem (the city JeruSALEM was founded upon). The first High Priest-King was Shem, the son of Noah. Here was a true fusion of the genetic tree between the House of Aaron the Levite, The House of Zadok the High Priest to David and Solomon, and King David the Judaite. As such, a REAL threat to King Herod and the High Priest Chiapas.

It is well known that the family of Prince Yahseph, the father of Yahusha, came from a family of royal Davidian princes, all of whom carried the hidden dream of being the Promised One, or the father of the Promised One who would sit on the seat of their ancestral forefather, King David. In contrast, Miriam’s family lived in the aura of the majesty and beauty of the temple culture of the Jews in Jerusalem. Prince Yahseph’s father known in history as Princess Alexandra II flirted with the royalty from Egypt, to Rome, and to Babylon, from Davidian, Maccabean to Herodian. Yet he knew that to capture the “hidden” love and devotion of the Jewish population, any ruler had to carry the mantle and the genetic birthright of King David.

Now that we have a better understanding of who Yahusha really was, let us look deeper into Yahusha’s role as Melchizedek and The Passover Lamb of God.

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