"I am extremely proud of our success over the past 12 years.  That success is demonstrated through those who have used The Boat & RV Group. It has truly been my pleasure over the years helping buyers realize their dreams, and sellers find that 'right' buyer for the 'right' price."

... Paul Sides, Owner/Founder

Testimonials submitted to the Better Business Bureau

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Testimonials emailed to The Boat & RV Group

Below is a sampling of actual customer testimonials emailed to us.  We include their contact information as well to demonstrate these are not "made up" testimonials.

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From: Malcolm Roberts [mailto:mroberts65@gmail.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: RE: Ad Campaign Report 709997 Malcolm Roberts

Although I waited several months before I used this superb service I without hesitation highly highly recommend using them. My trailer sold in less than two weeks. I was surprised and more than awe struck by the speediness of the fantastic results. Use them and you also will have the same results.

-----Original Message-----

From: Neal Ferris [mailto:nealandsuziferris@gmail.com]
To: RV Ad BoatRVGroup-PaulSides
Subject: Cancel Ad please


Our 5th wheel was sold and was picked up by the buyers yesterday in Goodyear, AZ.

Many thanX for your persistence. We have passed your info to our friends and the buyers as they have 5th wheels to sell as well. 

Best regards,

Neal Ferris


-----Original Message-----

From: Roy Stiglich [mailto:bandr@stiglich.com]
To: 'Paul Sides'
Subject: RE: Ad Campaign Report 710519 Roy Stiglich

My coach was listed with Paul Sides at the Boat and RV Group for 60 days. I just recently sold it. I got a number of responses from the ad campaign. In addition any time I had question or addressed a concern to Paul, he was quick to respond to me with an answer or clarification. I would use his business again to sell my RV or boat.


-----Original Message-----

From: Curt and Dee Meyerhoff [mailto:cdmey@md.metrocast.net]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: RE: 703704 Curt Meyerhoff

We finally sold our RV.   Thanks for all the work you put forward in keeping my adds current.  When asked, my buyer said that he found my RV via RVTrader.com.   Please discontinue all adds and I again thank you for your service.

-----Original Message-----

From: Cary Stickel [mailto:cbstickel@gmail.com]
To: support
Subject: RE: Ad Campaign for 709744 Cary Stickel


I sold the trailer this weekend.
Please mark all ads as sold.

Don't know where to start these guys repond quickly to any request and place adds in countless website. Used them and they did what they say they will do.

Cary Stickel

-----Original Message-----

From: kathy watkins [mailto:kathydwatkins@gmail.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: RV


The Boat & RV Group was able to promote my RV on every website and sold within the time span he said he would.  They were well worth the money I paid to get the news out there.



-----Original Message-----

From: Ronald Rinehart [mailto:ronrinehart@hotmail.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: RE: 709388 Ronald Rinehart

       Excepted offer on motorhome and sold on 5/22/2014. Please take down all adds.  If I every have anyone that I know wanting to sell a RV I will definitely recommend your service.
Thanks for your help.
   Ron Rinehart 

 -----Original Message-----

From: Lanny Camden [mailto:heylanny@gmail.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Received the ads

I have done business in the past and I understand business ethics as I did a lot of research before sending payment to proceed.  I am very glad I chose The Boat & RV Group!

PayPal helped to convince me also. Your, credentials helped and some of your wording in the news letter.

Great job!

-----Original Message-----

From: Jim.Elton@rcc.edu [mailto:Jim.Elton@rcc.edu]
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Subject: RE: Jim Elton


Boat Rv Group did a great job of advertising my motorhome for sale and I was successful in a short period of time in selling for a good price.


Jim Elton, MS, AT-R

951-333-5581 (c)

-----Original Message-----

From: Robert Grubbs [mailto:grubbsmc.bob@gmail.com]
To: Support @ The Boat & RV Group
Subject: RE: [RV Affiliates] Request for quote 2006 Fleetwood Expedition 38n

The Boat & RV Group is legit!  Did exactly what they said and sold my RV.

-----Original Message-----

From: infraredp1@aol.com [mailto:infraredp1@aol.com]
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Subject: Re: RV SOLD

We advertised our motor home with The Boat & RV Group, it was not priced as low as some of the others like it but we were certain that if advertised correctly we would sell it quickly.  Paul helped us along the way and was always available if we had questions (even after we paid). We sold our motor home to the first people that called us.  If you put your ad in as many places as possible you will sell and that's what Paul did.

Thank You Paul,
Jordan Hesterhagen

-----Original Message-----
Michael Protsko [mailto:mprotsko@yahoo.com]
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Great service

I am sending this message to inform you that I have sold my 2003 surveyor and will no longer need your services. you have been a great help. thank you.

-----Original Message-----

From: Daniel Cooper [mailto:coopdan@hotmail.com]
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Cc: Dan Cooper
Subject: RE:

We sold this RV last Sunday.....If any questions please give me a call at 714-747-3079  .... Thanks for your assistance......other than the calls from all over the country which I ignored because they always were a recording wanting to help sell it was great......

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sunday, July 28, 2013 1:58 PM
Subject: Re: Your RVT.com Ad Expires in One Day! It was viewed 103 times. Upgrade Today - NEVER renew Again!


Our RV sold last week for $40K.
For your reference, the buyers saw the advertising from The Boat & RV Group.
Thanks for all your help, Mel

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 11:49 AM
Subject: Motorhome sold

Hi, this is Cliff Durant with the 2001 Lazydaze motorhome. We sold it and the sale came from one of your placements. Thank you

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Kyle
Sent: Monday, July 08, 2013 9:59 AM
Subject: Re: 2004 Beaver motorhome


i want to take the time to thank you for all you help... we had you take care of the advertising of our 2004 Beaver motorhome....with in 3 weeks the coach was sold....many inquiries... this is differently the was so sell a motorhome... lots of coverage... i received call from all over the west coast where the mortohome was located...i would use your service again !!!

thanks again for all you help,

jeff kyle

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 5:22 PM
Subject: Thank you for helping sell my RV
Thank you for your integrity and steady sound advice in helping me sell my RV. I now appreciate your realistic support and why you said “give it some time” Being in my own business and in sales I appreciated your approach and would recommend you to others.
God Bless, Gary

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sunday, March 03, 2013 6:12 PM
Subject: Re: 697736 Jeffrey Wood
Paul, the camper just sold today. Thanks for all your help. Your service is second to none.
Jeff Wood

-----Original Message-----

From: Joe Caponetta [mailto:jcapps111@gmail.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: [Motorhome Classifieds]: Request for information

Paul, I took a deposit on my rv, I appreciate your help, your service was the reason it sold!!!!

Thank You


-----Original Message-----

From: avmech68@aol.com
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Subject: KZ Sportsman

Greetings Paul,   I am sending this message to offer my thanks for listing my KZ Sportmans camper on the various sites thru your program.  I have been lucky enough to sell the camper that I had listed.  I order that any others would not think that my unit would still be available, I would like to ask that you will now remove my listing.  Again, Thank you for all of the listings and of course I will not be needing to use the guarantee that you offered when I accepted the conditions of your listings.  I appreciated the assistance that I received during the listing that you provided.
George Barnes


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-----Original Message-----

From: Mike Lowe [mailto:mikey.lowe@att.net]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: Sales Lead: Ad #102263701 -

Very pleased with these guys. They sold my boat in about a month. The other site I was with had it for one year, with only one legitimate response. The Boat and RV Group came through big time. I would wholeheartedly recommend these guys first. Very professional and organized. If you want to sell your boat fast advertise with these guys. You can even email me at mikey.lowe@att.net if you still don't believe.

-----Original Message-----

Subject: JC Tritoon : Conrad Millan
Dear Paul, Thank you for your assistance in helping us to sell our boat. The advertisement has paid off. We have had several inquiries over the weeks, some just looking, but we found a solid buyer...and today they picked up the boat. They are thrilled at the fact it is in such excellent condition, and runs like a cadillac :) Please remove all listings for the 2004 JC Tritoon, effective immediately. I will cancel Craigs List myself. Thank you again for your help.... Conrad Millan

-----Original Message-----
Subject: 1994 Bayliner Ciera Sunbridge 2655
Paul, I have sold my boat (1994 Bayliner Ciera Sunbridge 2655) that I had listed through your company. You can pull my ad from all sites that it had been listed on and I appreciate your help in this matter and if I were to sell a boat or RV I would definitely use your services again. I would also recommend to anyone I know that would be selling one of these two items to use your service as I had my boat sold in a month. Thank you once again and I hope to do business with you in the future. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via E-mail or phone. Jeremey Copas

-----Original Message-----
Subject: Re: 691659 Chad Fisher

Paul I sold my boat today and he has taken delivery. The guy in Georgia came and picked it up. Thanks for help in making this a quick sale for me. I have already recommended several people to your services and you will get many more from me! Thanks again!! Chad

-----Original Message-----

From: Peter Prescott [mailto:peterprescott@hotmail.com]
To: Support @ The Boat & RV Group

Hi Paul,

Well, it looks like your service works! After advertising for almost a year by ourselves with not a lot of attention we sold the boat within a month using your system. I wanted to inform you so you can amend the listings.

Thanks Peter Prescott

-----Original Message-----

Subject: RE: 699551 Marvin Judah

Paul, The boat has sold. Thanks for your help. You were very helpful, and a pleasure to do business with. If I need your services again I will not hesitate to call. Thanks, Marvin

-----Original Message-----
Subject: RE:Patrick Gideon's Boats

Paul, I guess the price reduction helped...the Four Winns boat sold today. Please remove it from all online listings.  Thanks for all of your help with both boats! Glad they are both sold!!!


-----Original Message-----

From: Ben Tomlin [mailto:benbtomlin@hotmail.com]
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Subject: Cobia 19 Bay SOLD!!

Hey Paul,

 Just wanted to let you know that my Cobia 19 Bay sold over the weekend so my for sale campaign can be discontinued. It took less than a week! Couldn't have came at a better time & I'm thankful. Pricing it right and using your system led to quick results. Was well worth it to me. Thanks again.

Take Care,


-----Original Message-----

From: Steve Goddard
To: Paul Sides
Subject: RE: Sales Lead: Ad #101866268




Please remove my add the boat sold a few weeks ago.  Your service worked and was worth the cost.




Steve Goddard

Vice President

Insurance Office of America

800 243-6899 ext. 23911

-----Original Message-----


From: Marci Komssi [mailto:mkomssi@charter.net]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: Camper - Komssi


Paul and the team at The Boat and RV Group stayed on top of our camper posting. They responded to questions in a timely manner and were very professional. We will be sure to contact them again when it is time to sell our boat.

 M.K. Charlton, Massachusetts

-----Original Message-----

From: Angie Morehead [mailto:angiem3267@aol.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: 709516 Rob Koch

Thanks for the help in selling our boat. After placing our ad it took less than 2 months to get it sold. I was highly satisfied with your service.

Rob Koch

Sent from my iPhone

-----Original Message-----

From: Kevin Huffman [mailto:drkdhuffman@earthlink.net]
To: Paul Sides
Cc: whiteghost208@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Sales Lead: Ad #102188546 -



Thank you for the lead.  The boat sold yesterday.  I appreciate your help.  Please remove my name from your marketing campaign and thank you again for helping me place this beautiful motoryacht with a new family.



-----Original Message-----

From: easanders2@verizon.net [mailto:easanders2@verizon.net]
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Subject: Re: RE: RE: Sales Lead: Ad #102023140

Hi Paul,

 The sale did come from a lead through the ad. I found it very helpful to get notice of interested parties from your site. Thank you for your help in selling my boat!



-----Original Message-----

From: ROTENIZER@aol.com [mailto:ROTENIZER@aol.com]
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Subject: Re: Sea Doo Sold

Thank you for all you did. The number of calls I received was amazing and the extent of advertising great!!!

Jody Rotenizer 

-----Original Message-----

From: Jody Morland [mailto:jmorland@thesourcinggroup.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: Sales Lead:


I placed an ad several months ago which generated several leads and we successfully sold our boat as a result. We were very satisfied and I highly recommend their services. 


Jody Morland

Chief Financial Officer

The Sourcing Group

O (646)572-7520 ext 103

C (949)278-5744

-----Original Message-----

From: Tom DenHaese [mailto:denhaese@hotmail.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: RE: Ad Campaign Report 710405 Thomas DenHaese


I wanted to follow-up and report the boat is sold and the people will be picking it up this afternoon.  Thank you so much for helping with this I could not have done this without your aid.

Thanks, Tom DenHaese

-----Original Message-----

From: baum@gulftel.com [mailto:baum@gulftel.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: RE: Sales Lead

please be advised that boat has been sold –very satisfied with your service!  please remove ad

-----Original Message-----

From: Kraig Kline [mailto:kmklin11@yahoo.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: A reply to your "2007 19.5' Tahoe Tracker Q4L" Ad on eBay Classifieds

I am quite impressed with your service, our boat sold thank you!

Sincerely, Kraig 

-----Original Message-----

From: cohen1941@att.net [mailto:cohen1941@att.net]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: Sales Lead: Ad #101837940

Thank you... You are a very honest and reputable company..  A lot of sales scammers there

-----Original Message-----

From: Gary Ross
Sent: Friday, March 14, 2014 8:13 AM
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: Ad renewal -709341 Gary Ross

Thanks Paul … Have to say getting good activity, will recommend your service to my boating buddies

-----Original Message-----

From: jim@theangeladvisors.com
To: Paul Sides
Subject: Re: Sales Lead

This boat was sold last July, thank you for excellent service!

-----Original Message-----

From: Jim Durkin [mailto:Jim@durkincottages.com]
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Subject: 33 HYDRASPORT


Jim Durkin - 401-789-6659

-----Original Message-----

From: carlfrech@aol.com [mailto:carlfrech@aol.com]
To: support@boatrvgroup.com
Subject: Carl Frech 2007 260 Sea Ray


Paul Sides

I want to thank you for listing my boat, IT HAS SOLD!

Having mixed emotions, Sellers remorse, but you did what you said you were gonna do and I thank you.

I have a referral that I will be sending your way. His name is Mike Fisher and he has a 2010 280 Sea Ray, he is not great with computers and will need your help


Thanks Again

Carl Frech


-----Original Message-----

From: Jacob Kovac [mailto:jkovac2583@gmail.com]
To: Paul Sides
Subject: RE: Jacob Kovac

This website is great. Best value for advertising your boat anywhere. Sold my boat quick. I have already refered two of my friends to use this site.

   Jake Kovac

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