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The Antichrist Revealed Documentary

The Word of His Testimony… Restored

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Table of Contents

Introduction to The Yahushaic Covenant and this website!

What is "speaking in tongues" or The Mystery Language the Bible is written in?

Prayer the spiritual equivelant of physical sacrifices

What is the name of God?

Why does my Bible say "the LORD?

Salvation is found exclusively in the name Yahusha

The Messiah's name is theophanous

Where do we get Yeshua and Yehoshua?

Why "Jesus" cannot be the name of The Messiah!

"Jesus" is not the proper translation into Greek

The Spirit of the Antichrist - the doctrine of Incranation

The Relationship between Father and Son

What does "son of Yahuah" mean?

"Only "begotten Son", what does that mean?

Logos and the "Firstborn of Creation"... meaning of John Chapter 1

Divine Emanation?  Was Yahusha used in creation?

The New Testament altered to support the Incarnation

The Throne of Creation and The Throne of The Kingdom

Chapter 2
Was The Messiah "God" or 100% a man?

Did Yahusha accept divine worship as God?

Yahusha's titles clarified

To whome does Glory belong?

To whom did Yahusha teach us to direct our worship?

But Yahusha accepted worship from his disciples!

Worship of Yahusha is not divine worship

Did Yahusha claim to be God and commit blasphemy?

Did Yahusha claim to be The Great I AM?

Chapter 3
Was The Messiah like me?

We are all gods, sons of Yahuah in whom the fullness of deity dwells!

I and my Father are one

I embody the fullness of deity

Yahusha grew in the knowledge of Yahuah

Yahusha the human high priest

Yahusha my brother not my God

Yahuah is the GOD of Yahusha just like Yahuah is my God

Chapter 4
The Role of The Messiah - The signatory of The New Covenant

What is "The New Covenant" - The Yahushaic Covenant

The Law of Sin and Death has been defeated!

How did Yahusha defeat death?  How does this apply to me?

The Book of Life... Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!

Evidence of our salvation

Yahuah's testimony of Yahusha
- Witness of Water - The Virgin Birth (the Truth)
     -  Could Mary have conceived through normal sex?
     -  Could Mary have been a sexual virgin?
     -  Conclusions?
- Witness of Blood - Yahusha's bloodline
     - The fall of the throne and the priesthood
     - The Messiah must restore throne and priesthood
     - Princess Mary and Prince Joseph
Witness of Spirit - The Spirit of Holiness

- All sons have the witness of water, blood, and spirit

Saved by faith in the promises made by Yahuah

Yahusha is "The Truth and The Way"

Christian or Nazarene... Which are you?

Where did the term "Christian" come from?

The true relationship between Yahuah and Yahusha

Chapter 5
Our responsibilities within The Yahushaic Covenant


We must have our minds sealed from deception

We must obey The Law of Yahuah

We must walk in the example set by Yahusha

We must display the sign of the sons of Yahuah - The Sabbath
Breaking the everlasting covenant of The Sabbath
    - Only Sabbath Keepers inherit The Kingdom of YHVH
    - Yahusha was a Sabbath Keeper
    - Paul declares The Sabbath is key to salvation
    - A guide to keeping The Sabbath

We must have "The Testimony of Yahusha"

We must be a Notsri i.e. Nazarene

We must boldly declare our birthright

We must learn to be Righteous Judges
Qualifications of a Righteous Judge
We must first judge our own lives
Our judgement is subject to the highest court
Purpose is to deliver Yahuah's people
A judge must have a servant's heart
Righteous judges bring people to Yahuah
Justify righteous and condemn wicked
Avoid self righteousness
We will judge the world

The Unqualified or Unskilled Judge

We must give this life up and submit to Yahuah

We must keep Passover
Physical to Spiritual Parallel of Passover
Physical to Spiritual Parallels of Feasts of YHVH

The Exodus and The Passover

Chapter  6
Grace, Liberty, and The Law of Yahuah


The Law of Yahuah is the foundation of The Yahushaic Covenant
- The Transgression of Desolation
- The Yahushaic Covenant defined by The Law
- The Law is a gift from Yahuah to His sons
- Governing foundation of The Kingdom of Yahuah
- Law breakers thrown out of The Kingdom of Yahuah
- The Law sanctifies and leads to righteousness
- Obedience to The Law = Eternal Life
- Spiritual maturity comes with practicing The Law
- The role of Messiah is defined by The Law

Overcoming "the Pauline Doctrine" of Christianity
- Was The Law nailed to the cross?
- Is The Law enmity toward Yahuah?
- Ho Nomos vs. nomos
- The Mistranslated book of Romans
- Did Paul teach the Festivals of Yahuah?
- The "Law" of Liberty
Meat Sacrificed to Idols

Liberty, Spiritual Intent, and The Law

The Law, Liberty, and License

The Law is jurisdictional

Chapter 7
Theoretical Theology

Understanding the concept of "Time"

Death and "the grave"

Death and Time

The "Fullness of Time"

The Resurrection: single event, two, or three?

The Second Death


Chapter 8
The First and Second Coming


Yahusha's role in the first coming

Yahusha's consecration as Melchizedek

Prophecies of two Messiahs

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

What are the true "Scriptures"?

Covenant theology

Keys to studying The Bible

7 Covenants between Yahuah and man

Terms and Conditions of all covenants

Chapter 2
The Kingdom of Yahuah Defined


The "Message" of the Gospel

Hope - the fall of creation by design

Mystery of the Ages - The family of God

The Realm of the Kingdom of Yahuah

The sovereign King over the Kingdom

The King's Training

The King's Qualifications

Yahuah Shammah - The Capital City

The Temple of the Kingdom

The Ark of the Covenant

The Altar of Yahuah

The Sacrifices

The Passover - true sacrifice for sin

True Spiritual Sacrifices

The Seal of The Kingdom of Yahuah

The opposing seal of the beast

The Sign or "Flag" of the Kingdom of Yahuah

Sunday is the "sign" of the beast

Yahuah resurrected Yahusha on The Sabbath

Remember The Sabbath to keep it Holy

Chapter 3
The Citizens of the Kingdom of Yahuah


The History of the Nation of Israel

Remnant Israel - the real chosen few

Replacement Theology is a lie

Paul taught Remnant Israel

Re-unification of Israel under The Messiah

The House of Israel called "Gentiles"

Yahusha came first for The House of Israel

The "way of the Gentiles" what does that mean?

The Apostle Paul's dilemma

How did Paul recognize The House of Israel?

What is Remnant Israel?

Yahuah's gifts to Remnant Israel

Paul's letter to the Ephesians

Chapter  4
The Constitution of The Kingdom of Yahuah


The Yahushaic Covenant defined by The Law

Salvation conditional on keeping The Law

The Spirit of Error is abolishing The Law

The Transgression of Desolation is abolishing The Law

The Law is the governing principles of The Kingdom

Law breakers thrown out of The Kingdom of Yahuah

Transposition of The Law of Yahuah

Yahusha strengthened The Law

The Apostle Paul properly taught The Law


Chapter 5
The Days of Celebration in The Kingdom of Yahuah


Yahuah's Appointed Times

Meaning of the Spring and Fall Festivals

Festivals kept in the Kingdom of Yahuah

Meaning of the weekly Sabbath

Yahusha kept the Festivals of Yahuah

Chapter 6
The Law and His Commandments... Abolished?

3 Principle Foundations and 7 Gifts of Yahuah

Divine Training of the Sons of Yahuah

Foundation from which to approach Paul's writings

Terms and Conditions of EVERY Agreement (Covenant)

Doesn't the Apostle Paul teach against the Feast/Torah/Sabbath

***** Did Paul teach against the Diatery Laws?   *******

What is Sin if we are under Grace?

What about the Torah?

If we fail to keep 1 command are we guilty of all?

Are all other covenants voided by the New Covenant?

Under The Law?

Keeping The Sabbath

Should we obey The Torah?

Teaching The Torah


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Table of Contents


Introduction - A little Nazarene Background

Chapter 1 - The Emergence of The Nazarenes

Nazarenes were “complete Jews”

Nazarenes originated as Essenes

The Leader of the Nazarenes

John the Great Nazarene – The Teacher of Righteousness

Yahusha the Nazarene – follower of John

James the Just, brother of Yahusha the Nazarene and Leader of the early assembly of Nazarenes

The Apostle Sha’ul – Leader of the Nazarenes, follower of Yahusha

The Emergence of the Nazarenes under Rav Sha’ul the Apostle

Sha’ul attacks James the Just on the Temple steps

Sha’ul emerges as The Leader of The Nazarenes

Chapter 2 - Sha'ul the Nazarene

“All I need is the Ruach, I don’t need no stinkin’ teacher! I FOLLOW NO MAN!!!”

Rav Sha’ul’s 10 Rules of Study

A guideline to restoring Sha’ul’s Writings

A foundation from which to approach Sha’ul’s writings

Yahusha did not come to teach in depth

Rav Sha’ul the Apostle was chosen to teach the depths of The Yahushaic Covenant

The Apostle Sha’ul’s view of The Law: Abolished or not?

Paul or Sha’ul

Chapter 3 - The Pauline Doctrine ... Hellenizm + Syncretism

The Effects of Hellenism


Chapter 4 - The fate of the Nazarenes

Nazarenes stricken from history!

The Real Players… there was not a Christian among them!

‘Judas the betrayer’ or Yahudah the Scicarii (assassin)?

The Historical Battle of the Nazarenes


Chapter 5 - Adopted through Mikveh, begotten through resurrection

‘Echad’ is One Family!

One… Echad or Yachad?

Adoption... Resurrection

Miraculous Births are for a Sign... not to Deify

The Way/Born Again: Baptism by Water or Fire or Both

Chapter 6 - The Way of the Nazarene

The Way of the Nazarene

Yahuah Promises Remnant Israel (the New Bride) “a Way”

Nazarenes are His Children... NOT His “Wife” ...

The Two Baptisms Explained

Being Born Again is a Process

The Yahushaic Covenant is the Fulfillment


The fundamental Promise and result of The Way

How our sin is forgiven

The Way Revealed to John!

Sha’ul Laid out The Way of The Nazarene

The Way… the most Fundamental Doctrine

What is The Way of The Nazarene Yahusha?

“Born fully human in every way"

Born void of the Knowledge of Yahuah, had to grow into the Knowledge of Yahuah and the Truth

Born disobedient and imperfect, perfected through a life on Earth

Discipline is the mark of a True Son of Yahuah

Fulfill the Righteous Requirements of the Intent of The Law through Mikveh, His Temple washed clean with Living Water.

Once Yahuah has Purified His Temple, He then Pours out His Spirit upon His Children

Yahusha was “Born Again” into The Kingdom of the Father upon Mikveh

The Spirit an Earnest Guarantee of their future literal birth as Elohim upon Resurrection.

The Father then honors that guarantee as Yahusha “commended his Spirit back to The Father”

Yahuah then “Adopted Yahusha” into His Family and granted him Eternal Life” by the Power of that Spiritual Guarantee...

Yahusha’s sacrifice was for himself, as well as the rest of us!

The Way of The Nazarene taught by Sha’ul

The Witness of The Nazarene is Water, Blood, and Spirit

The Testimony of Yahuah; that Yahusha is the Messiah

The Witness of Yahuah that testifies of Yahusha

What do Water, Blood, and Spirit mean?

Incarnation is a sound-bite LIE denied clearly by Yahusha

Chapter 7 - The Branch fulfilled by the Nazarene

Yahusha did NOT “come down from heaven”

Story behind the pictograph of Orion

The Lying Pen of the Scribes strikes again!

Yahusha ascends to read The Heavenly Scroll

Proper translation of John 3:13

The Reign of Heaven is Violated!

Herod’s Attempt to Thwart “The Reign of Heaven”

The Coming of The Branch foretold in The Heavenly Scroll… “Orion the Son of Man”

Chapter 8 - The Branch who sprung up as 'The Tree of Life'

Yahusha was Crucified on the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is The Nazarene!

Yahusha is “the Branch” that was broken off from his own (the Jews) and planted in the ground

The Nazarenes are “the Branches flowing from The Tree of Life”

Yahusha is that Branch that sprung up from death the Fulfillment of The Tree of Life

Chapter 9 - The Nazarene is as 'a lamb slaughtered from the foundation of the world'

Revelation of The Heavenly Scroll Prophesied by Yahusha

Matthew 16:28 in context

Prophecy fulfilled in their lifetimes

Orion is the Son of Man in Heaven

Chapter 10 - The Mark of Incarnation & The Mark of the Beast

The Deceiver

John identified Jesus Christ as the Beast

666 is a violation of Scripture not to “add to or subtract from”

John saw the SYMBOL not a NUMBER

Does ‘arithmos’ mean ‘number’ or ‘symbol’ in context of Rev. 13?

Arithmos mistranslated

Point us uniquely to the name “Jesus” and “Christ”?

What version of the Christogram did John see in Rev. 13?

XES points to the Trinity as well as Christ

The Sign and the Seal of the Beast is the X monogram

XES is the pictogram

XES association with Zeus

They who don’t have the mark of Incarnation could not buy or sell

The First Beast is XES the Second Beast is Christianity

How Rome became the “seat” of the Babylonian Religious Cult

The First and Second Beast of Revelation

Chapter 11 - The Birthright of all Nazarenes

Was Yahusha different at all when he was human than the rest of us?

The Purpose of Yahuah and the Role of The Nazarene – “I am the first and the last!”

The Mystery of the Ages: Yahuah’s Purpose!

I am the “First and the Last”

Yahuah or Yahusha: Who is the Alpha and Omega (Aleph and Tav)?

Alpha and Omega? Or Aleph and Tav!

Aleph/Tav ADDED by Scribes!


Yahuah’s Plan/Purpose is The Light of the World

The First and the Last In Context

Yahusha is the Second/Last Adam

Yahusha is The Covenant whereby Yahuah Fulfills His Purpose’

Chapter 12 - The Nazarene must fulfill the Plan of Salvation

The Blind Following the Blind

Creation is crying out the Plan of Salvation

Sha’ul Declared Faith comes the Message Proclaimed by The Heavenly Scroll!

The Feast Cycle is based on the Message written in the stars!

The Physical Shadows of Marriage

Physical to Spiritual Parallel of The Wedding


Chapter 13 - The Promise of Living Water fulfilled in Yahusha "the water bearer"

What about... the Age of Aquarius the Water Bearer?

The Festival of Water Libation

Chapter 14 - Did the Nazarene pre-exist and "come down from heaven"?

Isaiah 48:14-17 – Proof that Yahuah IS Yahusha!

Proper rendering of Isaiah 48

John 10:36 – “Yahuah consecrated Yahusha and sent him into the world!” … from heaven?

Two High Priests of Israel

Behold! The Passover Lamb of Yahuah!”

Zechariah Chapter 3 – Yahuah’s consecration of Yahusha as High Priest, King of Kings, and Eternal Judge

“Only a God could do what Yahusha did!”

“And no one hath ascended into heaven, but he that descended out of heaven, even the Son of Man, who is in heaven.” John 3:13

Meaning behind John 3:13

Why did Yahusha mention “the son of man” in “heaven”?

Correcting the “lying pen of the scribe”

Yahusha is prophesying a FUTURE EVENT!

Chapter 15 - Logos... or Debar? The pagan philosophy of Incarnation!

Incarnation is pagan philosophy

The False Messiah is an incarnation of “God”

Yahusha is ‘Yahuah come to Earth as a man’ is Blasphemy

The Pagan Logos

Hellenism is Greek paganism

"Sound Bites" vs. Sound Teaching

‘Logos’ - a pagan philosophy developed in the 4th Century. Not in The Torah/Prophets!

Debar vs Logos

The real meaning of John Chapter 1

Yahusha is NOT “God manifested in the flesh”

The Lying Pen of the Scribe Strikes Again

Rightly Dividing the Word of Righteousness

Yahusha was Created and began to exist in his mother’s womb!

Chapter 16 - If "Yahuah is Yahusha" we are dead in our sin!

Human Sacrifice Forbidden

How is death defeated in each of us?

Yahusha would send “the Comforter”

“I will forgive the sins of the land in one day!” ... Says Yahuah

The Covenant of Peace with the High Zadok

How did Yahusha defeat death?

Every one dies for their own sin!

A “God” Cannot Atone for the Sin of Mankind!

The Messiah had to be 100% human! Or the Plan of Salvation has failed!

Chapter 17 - Born "according to the Spirit"

The Ruach is The Breath of Yahuah

What did the Messiah mean by “born of the Spirit?”

Yahusha was born with a “dead Spirit” like all men... he “came in the flesh” and had to be “Born Again”

Chapter 18 - When was the Debar fulfilled in the "flesh"?

What year was the birth of the King?

The Scriptural “clues”!

The Evidence

Adjusting the Historical Dates

Chapter 19 - The Branch and The King of ALL Kings

The Title “King of Kings”

The King of Kings

Miriam’s Paternal Grandfather - Matthan ben Levi the Great Grandfather of Yahusha the Messiah

Miriam’s Paternal Grandmother - Princess Alexandra II - The Great Grandmother of Yahusha the Messiah

Miriam’s Maternal Grandfather - Zadok High Priest Yahusha III the Great Grandfather of Yahusha the Messiah

Joseph’s mother and father - Jacob ben Matthan & Cleopatra of Jerusalem VIII

Jacob ben Matthan – Babylonian Ancestry

The Family of Yahusha’s Relationship with the Hasmoneans and the Herodians

Chapter 20 - The Branch and The Melchi Tsedek

Two Competing Priesthoods

The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

A Rightful King by My Decree

Tithe, spoils of war, or just a portion of food at the table?

The Royal King of The House of David

The Curse of Jechonias

Yahusha Consecrated Ruling Zadok High Priest by Yahuah

The “Testimony” of Yahusha the Messiah

Yahusha III and the Daughters of Jerusalem

Witness of Bloodline

The King of Salem is Not Shem

Yahusha was born outside of ANY Divine “seed”


Chapter 21 - The Nazarene Creed

Scriptural Support for The Nazarene Creed...

We are all “the son of man” and came “according to the flesh”

We all Fulfill the Righteous Requirements of The Law

We all embody the Fullness of Deity in human form

We all are the Image of the Almighty God

We are all ‘god’ and we are all the Son of God

We are all Eternal Priests and Kings in the order of Melchizedek

The Spirit of Yahuah descends upon us all upon Mikveh!

We are all “One” with the Father

We are all set apart during my Earthly life

We are all Righteous Judges over the Nations

We all must demonstrate The Way by example of our life

We are to walk that same path of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering

We all must bring our Life as a Living Sacrifice, a Perfect Lamb on Passover

We all defeat The Law of Sin and Death, through Resurrection

We all have the Authority to forgive sin

Chapter 22 - A Call to Arms

The Battle of the Ages

Sealed Soldiers of Yahuah

The Seal Defined

Discipleship and Mentors is the Nazarene Way

The Firstborn of the Dead NOT God in the Flesh

Always keep this in mind

Trained vs. Untrained Soldiers

Different positions, both good and bad at play

Know Your Enemy – The Soldiers of The Spirit of the False Messiah

Stay above the mud slinging

Know the Truth, do not mislead others in your ignorance

Qualification to attain the “Seal of a Soldier”

Requirements of a Good Soldier/Warrior to win the Crown of Righteousness

Description of the War the Sealed Servants/Warriors fight

Weapons of Warfare

Description of a Sealed Servant/Warrior

Characteristics of a Sealed Servant/Warrior

A Soldier's Armor

A Soldier’s Shield

A Soldier's Motto

The Battle Plan




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Table of Contents

Introduction - Rome The Temple of the World

The Spirit behind Christianity

The Great Deception

The Antichrist is an image

The False Messiah Jesus Christ

Name of Antichrist inserted in Bible - Syncretism - the term Christian

Pagan history of the Christian Church

How Rome became the seat of Sun Worship

The pagan origin of Easter

Replacement Theology... not in my Bible

How Christianity was created

The Truth behind the Christian Church

The First Pope of Rome - Emperor Constantine

The birth of Christianity - it's true beginnings

The greatest abomination in history - The Council of Nicea

A new "god" created - Jesus H. Christ

Easter replaced Passover

The Sabbath changed to Dias Solis

Where did Christmas come from?


The Name "Jesus"

The name "Jesus" a corruption

"Jesus Christ" identified by name in Revelation

The required "intent" of the name

The true name of The Messiah is Yahusha... proof

Where do we get Yeshua and Yehoshua?

Why "Jesus" cannot be the name of The Messiah!

True and false disciples defined by the name

Iesous in Greek

Jesus in English - Earthly Pig

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Table of Contents


The Abomination of Desolation

The abominable sacrifice that destroys your body

Yahusha spoke in parables - this knowledge is not for everyone.

The Abomination of Desolation is a Spiritual Event

The Third Temple is not a physical temple

Physical fulfillment of the Abomination of Desolation

False Messiah is an image of the true Messiah

Physical to spiritual parallel

The Abominable Sacrifice of a Pig on Easter

How and why Passover was changed to Easter

Physical to Spiritual Parallel

The False Messiah is known by pagan holidays

The False Messiah's pagan holidays

Easter replaced Passover

Lent - 40 days of weeping for Tammuz

Sunday replaced the Sabbath

Christmas replaced Succoth

Another Gospel

The Pagan Trinity


The Egyptian Trinity

The Hecate Trinity

The Bridget Trinity

Geryon Trinity

Cerberus - Roman Trinity

The Hindu Trinity

The Viking Trinity

The Greek Trinity

Summary of pagan Trinity worship


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Table of Contents


The Legacy of Nimrod the sundgod Ba'al

The Trinity is born in Babylon

The Rise of Ishtar Queen of Heaven

The Obelisk

Religion of Ishtar

What is The Mystery Religion of Babylon?

Sunday worship of Ba'al "Yahuah"

Saturnalia i.e. Christmas worship of Ba'al

The Cross of Tammuz

The resurrection of Tammuz on Easter Sunday

Good Friday - worship of Venus

Name changes throughout history


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Table of Contents


The Role of Myth and Science

Giants: Fact or Fiction?

Vampires: Fact or Fiction?

The Book of Enoch - The origin of astrology, magic, fall of the angelic realm

Ancient genetic engineering

The Zodiac - corrupted by fallen Angels

Yahuah named the stars and constellationsOrigin of Sun WorshipHow Rome became the seat of Sun Worship

What is the Zodiac and what is its message?

Epoch and Ages
Messianic Solar Counterfeits

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Table of Contents


How it all went wrong

Yahusha is The Way to Yahuah

What this book will address

Chapter 1
The Scarlet Thread of Redption

Passover and The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

Passover Fundamental in all Covenants

Yahuah’s Moedim – We all are Passover Lambs!

Yahuah promised a “new covenant” where the final fulfillment of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering is realized

Yahusha Teaches The Narrow Gate

Sha’ul Teaches the Narrow Gate

Offering Our Own Lives as Living Sacrificial Lambs

Doesn’t this “Minimize the Blood of Christ”?

The Example of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering

Chapter 2
Introduction to the Passover Season

The Central Theme of the Renewed Covenant
Passover and the Greater Exodus

The first Passover

The second Passover

The first exodus out of Egypt

The third Passover

The fourth Passover

The Greater Exodus

The Final Passover

Chapter 3
The Plan of Salvation through a Mediator

The Mediator and the “New Bride”

How is the New Covenant… “New”?

So exactly how is The Yahushaic Covenant “New”?

The Plan of Salvation is revealed as an Adoption Covenant

The Plan of Salvation through a Mediator

Only a man can mediate The Covenant of Peacre and Atone for our sins as Eternal High Priest

The Witness of Yahuah that Yahusha is the Messiah

Yahuah and Yahusha enter into covenant

Yahuah chooses a new Bride for His son

How did Yahusha Defeat Death?

Every one dies for their own sin!

The Law of Sin and Death vs. The Law of the Spirit of Life

The Law of Sin and Death

The Law of the Spirit of Life

Yahusha would send “the Comforter”

If Yahusha was “God”… We are Dead in Our Sins!

The Messiah had to be 100% human!

How could a man do all the work of salvation?

Human Sacrifice or Love Offering?

Human sacrifice forbidden

Shedding blood to consummate covenants is required...

Yahusha’s life pleased Yahuah

Chapter 4
Physical to Spiritual Parallels

Physical Rehearsals Teach Spiritual Truths

Chapter 5
Yahusha’s Example on Passover

Where are His True Teachers?

Following Yahusha’s Example

Chapter 6 - First Passover Meal - The Chagigah

The Chagigah on the 13th/14th of Abib

Why We Remember the Exodus?

What To Do On The Chagigah

Chapter 7 - The Day of Passover

The Preparation Day for Passover

How to Celebrate in The Yahushaic Covenant

The Passover Meal

The True Way that Leads to Life

Yahusha was Mikveh’d on Passover

Yahusha was circumcised

Yahusha brought an offering on the Altar of Yahuah

Summary of Yahusha’s Example

Chapter 8
The Second Meal of Passover - The Feast of Unleavened Bread

The Feast of Unleavened Bread 

Unleavened Bread

Chapter 9
The Wave Sheaf Offering & Shav’uot

The Meaning Behind the Rehearsal

The Feast of Weeks and Shav’uot

Physical to Spiritual Parallel

When to Wave the Sheaf Offering

When to Celebrate The Spring Festivals of Yahuah

Chapter 10
The Engagement - Shav’uot

Physical to Spiritual Parallel of Shav’uot

The Engagement

The Heavenly Engagement Ring

Shav’uot - The Giving of the Law

First Transposition of Law

Second Transposition of the Law

Third Transposition of The Law

Commitment to the Vows

Physical to Spiritual Parallels

Chapter 11
The Heavenly Scroll and the Annual Wedding Celebration


Yahuah Created and Named the Stars!

Yahuah is the author of the Zodiac

God’s Sun a metaphor for God’s Son

The Heavenly Scroll

Faith comes from “hearing” the message in the stars!

The Heavenly Scroll is opened

The Zodiac witnesses to Abraham

The Zodiac witnesses to the church in Galatia

The Heavenly Wedding

The Feasts Celebrate the Heavenly Wedding

The Physical Shadow of Greater Truths

The Feast Days / Pictographs

Chapter 12
The Heavenly Scroll – Divine Calendar of Yahuah

Seasons and Years in the Heavens not on Earth!

Yahuah’s Calendar

What is a Tekufah?

Solomon’s Temple Proclaimed The Narrow Gate

The Divine Calendar Witness by His Prophets

The Heavenly Scroll is a Divine Clock

The Human Lifespan

The Sabbath Covenant

The Messiah’s birth synchronized

Yahuah’s Timepiece – The Zodiac Ages

What does the Bible say about ‘ages’?

Age Transitions

The Ages of Mankind

The Age of Gemini

The Age of Taurus

The Age of Aries

The Age of Pisces

The Age of Aquarius

The Festival of Water Libation

The End of the Times of the Gentiles

Chapter 13
The Annual Calendar of Yahuah

How to Calculate the Calendar of Yahuah


Friday/Saturday Sabbaths

How to Determine the Beginning of Months

The Great Sabbath Sign in The Heavenly Scroll… Equilux

How to Calculate a “Day”

Reconciling the Calendar of Yahuah and the Cycle of the Sun

Chapter 14
A Historical Account of the Fulfillment of Passover

The Fulfillment of Passover by Robert Moch MD

Chapter 15
The Jewish Seder – Baptized Paganism


Chapter 16
Easter is Baptized Paganism

Sacrificing our children to Moloch

Keeping The Law and the Festivals of Yahuah teach us the role of The Messiah

The False Messiah is known by pagan festivals

The Resurrection Day of Tammuz (Easter)

Forty Days of Weeping for Tammuz

Detailed Origin of Easter

The Easter Egg

The Easter Bunny

The Evergreen Tree and Lent and Fasting

The Cross of Tammuz

Hotcross buns

Easter replaced Passover

Council of Nicaea attempts to standardize Easter

Chapter 17
Easter and the Abomination of Desolation

Physical to spiritual parallel of The Abomination of Desolation

The Abominable Sacrifice


Chapter 18


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Table of Contents

The Zadok Priesthood and the Davidian Dynasty
Overview of the Zadok Priesthood
Messianic expectations at the time of Yahusha's birth
Miriam's royal lineage
Arranged marriages of Yahusha III's daughters

Why Caiphas wanted to kill Yahusha
Yahusha's lineage to the House of Zadok
Melchezidek the Ruling Zadok
Was Melchizedek the pre-incarnate Christ?
Miraculous births of two High Priests
The consecration of Yahusha as High Priest of Israel
Mikveh or Baptism?
The Great Notsris - Nazarenes
The Mikveh
Paul teaches Yahusha's Mikveh as elementary
The Perfect High PriestThe Law of Sin and Death vs. The Law of the Spirit of Life

The Passover Lamb and the Daily Sacrifices
Did Yahusha have need for a sin offering
Could Yahusha have sinned and still be The Messiah?
Daily Sacrifices and Oblation

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Table of Contents

John Chapter 1
     John Chapter 1 - Commentary
     John 1:3 – The Word WAS God … false doctrine!
     John 1:1-10 – The “True Light” coming into the world!
     John 1:14 – The “Word became Flesh” false doctrine
     John bears witness of Yahusha the Son of Man
     Yahusha came to show us The Way
     Andrew testifies to the Branch
     John Chapter 1 - In context
     John Chapter 1 - Restored

John Chapter 2

     John Chapter 2 - Commentary
     The Married Messiah
     The Twisting John 2:1-5
     John Chapter 2 - In context
     John  Chapter 2 - Restored

John Chapter 3

     John Chapter 3 - Commentary
     John Chapter 3 - In context
     John Chapter 3 - Restored

John Chapter 4

     John Chapter 4 - Commentary
     John Chapter 4 - In context
     John Chapter 4 - Restored

John Chapter 5

     John Chapter 5 - Commentary
     John Chapter 5 - In Context
     John Chapter 5 - Restored

John Chapter 6

     John Chapter 6 - Commentary
     John Chapter 6 - In Context
     John Chapter 6 - Restored

John Chapter 7

     John Chapter 7 - Commentary
     John Chapter 7 - In context
     John Chapter 7 - Restored

John Chapter 10

     John Chapter 10 - Commentary
     John Chapter 10 - In context
     John Chapter 10 - Restored

John Chapter 11

     John Chapter 11 - Commentary
     John Chapter 11 - In context
     John Chapter 11 - Restored

John Chapter 12

     John Chapter 12 - Commentary
     John Chapter 12 - In context
     John Chapter 12 - Restored

John Chapter 13

     John Chapter 13 - Commentary
     John Chapter 13 - In context
     John Chapter 13 - Restored

John Chapter 14

     John Chapter 14 - Commentary
     John Chapter 14 - In context
     John Chapter 14 - Restored

John Chapter 15

     John Chapter 15 - Commentary
     John Chapter 15 - In context
     John Chapter 15 - Restored

John Chapter 16

     John Chapter 16 - Commentary
     John Chapter 16 - In context
     John Chapter 16 - Restored

John Chapter 17

     John Chapter 17 - Commentary
     John Chapter 17 - In context
     John Chapter 17 - Restored

John Chapter 18

     John Chapter 18 - Commentary
     John Chapter 18 - In context
     John Chapter 18 - Restored

John Chapter 19

     John Chapter 19 - Commentary
     John Chapter 19 - In context
     John Chapter 19 - Restored

John Chapter 20

     John Chapter 20 - Commentary
     John Chapter 20 - In context
     John Chapter 20 - Restored



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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Study Guide
     Chapter 1 - The Revelation of The Heavenly Scroll: The Word of His Testimony

Chapter 2

     Chapter 2 Study Guide
     Chapter 2 - To My Nazarene Assemblies

Chapter 3
     Chapter 3 Study Guide
     Chapter 3 - To My Nazarene Assemblies

Chapter 4
     Chapter 4 Study Guide
     Chapter 4 - The Son of Man and the Throne in Heaven

Chapter 5
     Chapter 5 Study Guide
     Chapter 5 - The Lamb Fulfills the Heavenly Scroll and is Found Worthy to Open It

Chapter 6
     Chapter 6 Study Guide
     Chapter 6 - The Seven Seals

Chapter 7
     Chapter 7 Study Guide
     Chapter 7 -  Sealed Servants and Multitude

Chapter 8
     Chapter 8 Study Guide
     Chapter 8 - Seventh Seals and Trumpets

Chapter 9
     Chapter 9 Study Guide
     Chapter 9 - Fall of Lucifer - bottomless pit

Chapter 10
     Chapter 10 Study Guide
     Chapter 10 - Yahusha fulfills The Heavenly  Scroll

Chapter 11
     Chapter 11 Study Guide
     Chapter 11 - Time of the Gentiles and The Battle of the Ages

Chapter 12
     Chapter 12 Study Guide
     Chapter 12 - Time of the end

Chapter 13
     Chapter 13 Study Guide
     Chapter 13 - The False Messiah

Chapter 14
     Chapter 14 Study Guide
     Chapter 14 - The Divine Government

Chapter 15
     Chapter 15 Study Guide
     Chapter 15 - The Seven Plagues

Chapter 16
     Chapter 16 Study Guide
     Chapter 16 -  Seven Bowls of Wrath and The Heavenly Temple

Chapter 17
     Chapter 17 Study Guide
     Chapter 17 - Chapter

Chapter 18

     Chapter 18 Study Guide
     Chapter 18 -
Chapter 19
Chapter 19 Study Guide
     Chapter 19 -


Sha'ul at the Pentagon, Sept. 11, 2001

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - The Mystery Language

Chapter 2 - Overview of The Law

Chapter 3 - Grace, Liberty, and The Law

Chapter 4 - The Constitution

How is The Yahushaic Covenant “New”?

The Plan of Salvation is conditional on keeping The Law

The Law is a gift of Yahuah to His Sons

Test the Spirits

Incarnation and Lawlessness are The False Spirits

The Law is the Governing Constitution of The Kingdom

Law Breakers thrown out of The Kingdom

Obedience to The Law is what Sanctifies us

Eternal Life is the Promise for Obedience to The Law

Spiritual Maturity is found in practicing The Law

Keeping The Law and the Festivals of Yahuah

Chapter 5 - The Transgression of Desolation

Transgression of Desolation vs. the Abomination of Desolation

Hebrew/Aramaic Scriptures vs. English Translations

English Words ADDED to the Book of Daniel

Hebrew Word translated “Daily” mistranslated

Proper Implication of “Tamiyd” is Michael not Sacrifices

Chapter 6 - Transposition

Transposition of the Law

Sha’ul taught the Transposition of The Law

Transposition of The Law of Yahuah

4  States and 3 Transpositions

The Law existed prior to Adam

First Transposition of Law

Second Transposition of Law

Third Transposition of Law

Yahusha came to restore the Torah and Prophets

The Law Strengthened to Intent

Caution Against Immature Judgment by the Letter

Yahusha taught intent behind the letter

Sha’ul Taught the Spiritual Intent of The Law


Chapter 7 - Righteous Judgment

The Law and Judgment

Thou Shalt Not Judge

The 4 Types of Judges

Maturity - The Process of Sanctification

The Immature, Self-Appointed Judge

Physical Sight (the Letter) verses “Eyes to See” (the Intent)

Don’t cause your brother to stumble”

Intent, Liberty, and The Law

What was Sha’ul talking about?


Chapter 8 - The Pauline Doctrine

The Pauline Doctrine

Experts are now admitting the Truth, Sha’ul’s writings were twisted!

Sha’ul was a devout Jew from birth to death!

Did Sha’ul teach that The Law was nailed to the cross?

Did Sha’ul teach that The Law is Enmity?

Twisting Scripture by added words

Chapter 9 - Liberty

The Law of Liberty

Working on The Sabbath and Liberty

Why was Yahusha not breaking the Sabbath?

Prohibition of lighting a fire and cooking a meal on The Sabbath

Summary of the INTENT of The Sabbath Day

Meat Sacrificed to Idols and Liberty

Modern day example... Christmas

Chapter 10 - Sha'ul and the Dietary Laws

Eating Swine Flesh

“Eating” is a Metaphor

Historical Context

The Way of the Gentiles

The Meaning of Isaiah 66

Epidemy of Hypocrisy

The Concept of Liberty - A Parable by Rav Sha’ul


Chapter 11 - The Mistranslated Book of Romans

Law of the Land vs. The Law of Yahuah

Nomos vs. Ho Nomos

No Human Law Can Promise/Deliver Salvation

Sha’ul declaring obedience to The Law is the definition of Righteousness

The Law Vital to the Process of Sanctification

Knowing Yahuah’s Intent is found in The Law

Break The Law Dishonors Yahuah!

Sin is Transgressing The Law

Sha’ul taught “Grace AND Law”, not “Grave OR Law”

Our Flesh NOT The Law is Enmity Toward Yahuah

Did Sha’ul say we don’t have to keep the Festivals of Yahuah?

Grace and The Law

Romans Chapter 5 in Context

Romans 8 in Context - Deliverance from bondage to sin

Chapter 12 - The Mistranslated Book of Galatians


The Book of Galatians

Galatians 1 Don’t’ Fall for The Spirit of the False Messiah or The Spirit of Error

Galatians 2 Sha’ul is trained in The Yahushaic Covenant & Spiritual Circumcision of the Heart

Galatians 3 The Spirit of Truth is Obedience to The Law combined with Faith in the Promises of Yahuah

Those outside the Law are cursed

The Transposition of The Law from Oral to Written in Stone does not Abolish The Promise

Galatians 4 The Law’s protection and role in The Yahushaic Covenant

Do not entertain paganism, syncretism, or Hellenism

Those outside The Yahushaic Covenant remain in bondage to Sin and Death

Galatians 5 Both physical and Spiritual Circumcision is a Commitment to keep The Law of Yahua

All should obey the truth of The Torah

Walking in The Spirit is loving obedience to The Law

Galatians 6 The Law of Love, is lovingly coming together to keep The Law of Yahuah

Those who are being trained, should support their Teacher’s Ministry to further the Kingdom

Closing salutation and a plea

Chapter 13 - Conclusions

YouTube Videos

The Antichrist Revealed
Video Series

The Heavenly Scroll
Video Series

Teachings and Blogs
by Rav Sha'ul


Hesus Horus Krishna
The False Messiah Jesus Christ

General Doctrine


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Feasts and The Heavenly Scroll

The Heavenly Scroll, The Plan of Salvation, and The Feast Cycle

Creation is crying out The Plan of Salvation

Sha’ul declared The Heavenly Scroll the “source of our faith”

The Light of the World

The Feast Cycle is based on the Message written in the stars!

Chapter 2 - The Physical Shadows of Greater Truths revealed in The Feasts of Yahuah

The Physical Shadows of Marriage - The Greater Truths revealed in The Feasts of Yahuah

Physical to Spiritual Parallel of The Wedding

The Father choosing a qualified Groom and Bride

The Rehearsal Dinner

The Groom paying the dowry or “ransom” for the Bride

The Bride making herself ready to be engaged to the Groom

The Groom introducing himself to the Father of the Bride

The Bride and Groom commit to the Wedding Vows

The Heavenly Engagement Ring!

The Bridegroom going away to prepare a place for the Bride in his Father’s Estate

The Bridegroom returning for his Bride

The Wedding Day

The Wedding Banquet

Chapter 3 - The Ordained Times from a Mature Spiritual Mindset


Overview of the Ordained Times

The 3 Annual “Dates” with Our Father

The Courtship Pilgrimage

The Engagement Pilgrimage

The Wedding Pilgrimage

Trumpets or blowing of the Shofars (Yom Teruah)

10 Days of Awe

Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)

Feast of Booths/Tabernacles (Sukkot)

The Last Great Day

Chapter 4 - Yom Teruah and The Son of Man returns riding on the clouds of heaven

The Spring and Fall Feasts written in “heaven”

The Feasts in The Heavenly Scroll

The Fall Feasts are told beginning with the pictogram of Aries

Mazzaroth 2:4 the Son of Man returning to free the Princess Bride

The Groom returns for his Bride

The Princess Bride is sat on the Throne as Queen

Cassiopeia - The bound princess delivered

Cetus - The great enemy

Perseus - The Breaker triumphing

ORION - The Son of Man Coming in the Clouds of Heaven

ORION… the Self Portrait of Christ

What does ‘the Son of Man Riding on the Clouds of Heaven’ really mean?

Is Yahusha a False Prophet?

Matthew 16:28 in context

Revelation of “the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven”

Prophecy fulfilled in their lifetimes… Steven

Prophecy fulfilled in their lifetimes… Sha’ul

Prophecy fulfilled in their lifetimes… John

Prophecy fulfilled in their lifetimes… Daniel

ORION rises to run his course on the Milky Way beginning in the Fall

The Sign of the Son of Man

The Coming of The Son of Man Sign

Yahusha is known as the Bearer of the Light of Life.

The brightness of his coming

The Star Betelgeuse and the Sign in ORION  

Day of Shouting/Blowing the Shofar

The Bridegroom going away to prepare a place for the Bride in his Father’s Estate

Preparation of the Bride to be received by the Groom

Keeping Yom Teruah

Battle of Jericho

What about The New Year the Jews call Rash Hashanah?

Chapter 5 – The Days of Awe. The Climax of The Battle of the Ages

The Days of Awe Introduction

Fairytales or Prophecy!

Damsel in distress

Princess and dragon

The Battle of the Ages

The Climax of The Battle of the Ages

The Language of the Heavens

Mazzaroth 3:1 - The Conquering King comes to execute judgment, the Wheat are separated from the Tares

10 Days of Awe

The Final Battle

Chapter 6 – The Battle of the Ages. The battle between the Son of Man and the Son of Perdition

The Battle of the Ages

The Heavenly Scroll was corrupted

Proper Mindset

The Son of Man in The Heavenly Scroll

Story behind the pictograph of ORION

The Son of Man Revealed 

The Dragon Takes the Throne in Heaven by Force

Yahuah judges between the Messiah and beast

May the True Messiah please stand up!

The One who fulfills it, breaks the seals to read it

Chapter 7 – The Spirit of the Dragon

The Identity of “The Dragon”

The Temples with Ashtaroth Poles that spread the Spirit of the Dragon

The Dragon in The Heavenly Scroll

The Dragon in History - the “Spirit” behind all false religions

From Dagon to the Dragon the “Spirit” behind Christianity…

Where did Satan come from?

Rome = Babylon

The Mitre Hat

Breakdown of Revelation Chapter 13

Chapter 8 - Yom Kippur - The Wedding Day

What is Yom Kippur and how do we celebrate this Most Holy Day of the year?

Yom Kippur in the Stars

Mazzaroth 3:2 - The Creator’s Graphic Novel

The Wedding Day in the Stars

The Holy of Holies and The Throne in Heaven

Shadow of Greater Things to come

The Throne on Earth is a picture of Throne in Heaven

The Crown of The Son of Man

The Temple Design

8 Seraphim in The Heavenly Scroll

Seraphs in The Holy of Holies

The Menorah before The Throne in Heaven

Ezekiel’s Vision of the Throne in Heaven

AT ONE moMENT in Time

Walking The Way 3 times/year

Circumcision of Heart: Yahusha humbled (anah) himself as High Priest

On the Wedding Day (Yom Kippur) The Bride is Adorned in the Garments of a Queen

Rest from our labors

To Eat? Or Not to Eat!

Is Yom Kippur a Fast or a Feast?

Anah vs Tsum … Humble or Fast?

Don’t eat? Break the Law!

Did Yahusha fast or instruct us to fast?

Did Yahusha instruct us to approach Yahuah through “prayer and fasting”?

Pagan practice of harsh treatment of the body

Keeping Yom Kippur

Summary of Yom Kippur the Wedding Day

Chapter 9 - Sukkot & The Heavenly Scroll

The Parable of the Dog Kennel

The Parable of Mathematics

The Parable of The Stove!

Mazzaroth 3:3 - “The Great Shepherd rescues his Remnant Bride from the Dragon and brings her safely into The Kingdom”

Main Stars


Scriptural context

The Bride Revealed on Earth

The Bride Made Herself Spiritually Ready

Intent Trumps the Letter on Sukkot

We must digest The Heavenly Scroll

The Joy of Yahusha was to
fulfill The Heavenly Scroll

Sukkot and The Greater Exodus.
A Divine Rehearsal

Revelation and The Greater Exodus

Do we “flee to the mountains” in fear of The Dragon?

The Woman and the Wheat

The Flood flowing forth from The Father of Lies

Wings of an Eagle

The Seal of Protection from the flood of lies and deception

Temporary Dwellings?

Intent or "in a tent"?!?!

Chapter 10 - The Last Great Day

 The Age of AQUARIUS - The Last Great Day

The Constellation LEO

Mazzaroth 3:3 - the King treading on the foot of the defeated serpent.



The Festival of Water Libation the Last Great Day

The Spirit of Truth
The Spirit of Incarnation

Apocrypha and Current Discoveries


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Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - Don’t’ Fall for The Spirit of the False Messiah or The Spirit of Error.


Chapter 2 -  Sha’ul is trained in The Yahushaic Covenant & Spiritual Circumcision of the Heart


Chapter 3 - The Spirit of Truth is Obedience to The Law combined with Faith in the Promises of Yahuah

Those outside the Law are cursed

The  transposition of The Law from oral to written in stone does not abolish The Promise

Chapter 4 - The Law’s protection and role in The Yahushaic Covenant

Do not entertain paganism, syncretism, or Hellenism

Those outside The Yahushaic Covenant remain in bondage to Sin and Death


Chapter 5 - Both Physical and Spiritual Circumcision is a Commitment to Keep The Law of Yahuah

All should Obey the Truth of The Torah

Walking in The Spirit is Loving Obedience to The Law


Chapter 6 - The Law of Love, is Lovingly coming together to keep The Law of Yahuah

Those who are being trained, should support their Teacher’s Ministry to further the Kingdom

Closing salutation and a plea

Study Guide and Notes for Chapter 1

1:1-5  Greetings from Sha’ul

1:6-10  Only One Message – Those who teach disobedience to the Law are CURSED!

1:11-14   The Message of Yahuah-- For Man--Not By Man

1:15-24  The Opening of Sha’ul's Mind,  The Recount of His Journeys

Study Guide and Notes for Chapter 2

Sha’ul's looks back at the Circumcision controversy

2:1-5 ‘Intent’ trumps the Letter of the Law

2:6-10  Called Out Ones' Acceptance of Gentiles

2:11-17  The Believers Must Be Examples for Converts

2:18-21  The Faith Through Yahusha Messiah-- With Works of Yahuah's Law

Study Guide and Notes for Chapter 3

3:1-8  The Law Established through Faith

3:10-14   Those Outside The Law/Lawless will be Cursed and Cast Out!

3:15-23  The Transposition of The Law from Oral to Written in Stone Does Not Abolish The Promise

Transposition of The Law of Yahuah

3:24-29   The Law Is Our Teacher: In Order That All Subject to The Law, Might Be Redeemed by The Messiah

Study Guide and Notes for Chapter 4

The Appointed Time--Heirs of Yahuah

4:1-7  The Law is our Guide to Maturity

4:8-20  Do Not Worship Gods (elohim)--In Any Way!

4:21-31  Those Who Serve Flesh--Held in Bondage; Those Who Serve Yahuah Freed From Bondage to Sin

Study Guide and Notes for Chapter 5

The Law of the Spirit of Life has set us free from the Law of Sin and Death

5:1-6  The Law of Circumcision-- One's Promise to Keep the Whole Law

5:7-12  All Should Obey The Truth

5:13-26  Walking in The Spirit

Study Guide and Notes for Chapter 6

6:1-5  Help Each Other Fulfill The Ordained Law

6:6-10  Those Who Are Trained in The Law, Should Share With Those Who are Learning

6:11-18 Closing Salutation and a Plea








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