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Why does your BBB record indicate only 2 years in business?
The BBB only considers when I did business under my website name "boatrvgroup".  For the past 15 years I have done business under my personal name as a listing broker.  My website has always been boatrvgroup.com but 2 years ago I decided to "do business as" the name of my website instead of my personal name.  I am working with the BBB to come to some resolution to indicate the real time in business on my BBB record.

   RVing sites :: Boating Sites :: Major Search Engine Placement :: Major Classifieds
Where will my ads be placed?  How many pictures can I include with my ad?
We have the most complete and comprehensive advertising campaigns available anywhere.  We accept up to 12 pictures with your ad.  Click below to view the sites included in your ad campaign:

   RVing sites :: Boating Sites :: Major Search Engine Placement :: Major Classifieds
How will I know my ads have been placed and how do I find them?
We will complete your ad campaign within 24-48 hours.  Once the ads have been posted and we receive the ad links, we email you a full report with direct links to all your new ads!  Click below to view a sample ad campaign report, this is what you will receive from us when the campaign is completed:

Sample RV Ad Campaign Report   ::   Sample Boat Ad Campaign Report
Are there any other fees associated with your program?  What about eBay auction fees, commission, renewal fees, etc.?
No.  All you pay is a one-time fee to use our service.  We run your ad campaign until your boat or RV sells.  We cover all other costs.  Your boat or RV remains for-sale-by-owner so there is no commission and no renewal fees.
What is your success rate?
We have been in business selling boats and RVs since 1999.  We average listing approximately 1500 ad campaigns every year.  We average 3 refund requests per year over the past decade.  So about 3customers each year fail to achieve a sale out of 1500 who use our service and we qladly refund our fee.
How long does my ad campaign run?
All your ads run until sold.
Do you offer financing and other buyer services?
Yes.  We work with national lenders across the US.  Our lenders work with all credit types to ensure the best rate for the buyer.  Since your boat/RV remains for sale-by-owner and the buyer contacts you directly, please refer any buyer that requires financing to us and we'll take it from there.
There are a lot of on-line scams.  How do I know this is legit?
That is a great question!  You can contact our past customers here.  We are acredited with an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and from ScamAdvisor.com.  We have zero complaints on Ripoff Report (note, this report is for another company, it is not The Boat & RV Group).
Do you work with the Better Business Bureau?
Yes.  We are BBB Accredited with an A rating!  One of the only serviceds nationwide accredited by the BBB with the highest rating.  We work with the BBB to resolve any disputes.  We have had zero complaints in 15 years in business! 

Can you take all the pictures and information from my existing ad or do I have to complete the form on-line?
Yes we can take all the pictures and information from your existing ad.  Simply call Paul 877-212-1453.
Where are you located?
Our main office is in Dallas, TX.  The Boat & RV Group is a state-of-the-art business leveraging the power of the internet.  We promote "working from home" for our employees to reduce our overhead (and therefore your costs) and promote a family friendly environment.  We have a network of associates working across the United States. 
Do you add to my asking price and then take a cut?  How do I know if my price is right?
No we do not dictate your asking price and we do not mark it up or take anything off of the sale.  You set your own price.  We recommend you use a search engine to search for the Year/Make/Model of your boat/RV.  Look at others like yours and see what they are going for.  That will give you a very good idea of the "market value" you are competing against.  You should be within that price range.

We also suggest checking the NADA value for your boat/RV.  This will give you a ballpark value if you cannot establish a market value by searching other units for sale like yours.
What forms of payment to you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, ProPay, money orders, cachier checks, and personal checks.